The game everyone is dying to play


This section of the website is primarily for the more dedicated Mafia: Death and Deception fans. Basically, it is a place for me to add little pieces of miscellaneous information about the game that you may find helpful.

Special Case Scenarios

First and formost, I want to add any Special Case Scenarios that are not in the rulebook. As I can't currently come up with any, however, this section will be added to if/when I do. In the mean time, if you see or think of anything that can happen that is not covered in the rulebook, please email me at so I can add it.

Double-Trait, Double-Life

Second, I have found that sometimes when my friends and I want to play mafia, we only have seven people. As the game doesn't work well without at least eight, I have come up with a way for seven people who are QUITE familiar with the game to play, called a double-trait, double-life game. The rule changes are as follows:

-Each player gets two traits at the beginning of the game.

-Each player has a second life, meaning they have to be killed twice before they are out of the game. This extra life is treated as if each player has been shot by a reversed assassin (see the "Witch" section of the rulebook), except that the number of lives a player has left is common knowledge. This extra life is the last thing to go in terms of the order of saves.

-You play with the Doctor, Sheriff, Spy, Thief, and all traits except for the Detective.

Note: Don't try this with more than seven people. It doesn't work well.

Maximum Kills In One Round

When the narrator says "daytime everyone," what is the maximum number of people who will be dead that were not the round before?

The answer is 8. And here's one example of how:

The Alien abducts a player during the 1st nighttime phase. The mafia choose to kill that same player. During that same nighttime phase the thief/male lover also steals from the magician/doctor.

Then, during the 2nd nighttime phase, the witch reverses the doctor/magician/male lover, and the bodyguard also chooses to protect him. The reversed doctor chooses to save one player. The mafia choose to kill another player. The assassin chooses yet another player to kill, and a different player has the fast plague. None of those players are the female lover.

The doctor/magician/male lover gets 2 deaths: One from the reversed magician and one because he was the reversed male lover, and the female lover didn't die. One of those deaths is taken by the bodyguard so he dies (1), but the doctor/magician/male lover still has one death left, so he dies too (2). This also kills the female lover, since the male lover died (3). The abducted player comes back, but is dead from the mafia kill in the first round (4). The player shot by the assassin dies (5). Another player dies from being saved by the reversed doctor (6). The player with the fast plague dies because it is round 2 (7). And, of couse, the mafia's choice also dies (8).